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CineFile Video

My favorite video rental shop is now stocking The Mustachioed Bandit! I saw it on the shelf yesterday when I went in to rent Fido.

This is of course more symbolic than actually significant— a few viewers might rent it eventually, but more than anything I’m excited that once it’s out of New Release, it may well sit on a shelf alongside so many of the obscure films that I was only able to see because Cinefile stocked them. From an Arabic-subbed bootleg of Face to Face to a bad VHS-to-DVD sub of The Big Gundown, the Western section at Cinefile is awesome, and I’m flattered to have my film even in the same store.

The trailer is stuck in limbo until I get my lazy self to finish it… I was in Portugal for 2 weeks (hello, Porto Film Fest application) and I’ve been sleeping far too much since my return.

I did cut together some footage for Caz’s reel since I’ve been back. Caz is of course “George” in the film, and he’s playing the lead in a play I’ll be attending next weekend: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.