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The hype machine

I want to avoid, in general, turning the blog into a retrospective. The movie is done, and while there’s much to say about it, the blog format itself is more catered to what’s HAPPENING, and not what’s HAPPENED. This leads us to the hype machine. You see, an interesting thing is happening now that I can’t work on the movie any more. The only thing left to do is, well, to get people to WATCH it. This basically means having to create a lot of derivative content. Things like the web site, the blog, the (will I sink this low?) Myspace page. I have nothing against any of these, really, but the idea of having to create all of this to hype a project that is done is exhausting. Did I mention a trailer? A trailer.

There are a few avenues to pursue: film fests, plain ol’ business, guerrilla tactics, and web. I’m focusing on the first one for now, since film fests in general like to be “first,” and they especially seem to hate movies that are already on the Internet. This may be something I will eventually need help with, but for now it’ll just be me mailing the DVDs out. I did one round of submissions almost a year ago, before I leaped into DVD authoring and artwork designing hell, but that was the majors like Sundance, so there’s still a whole middle tier to attack.

I’m trying to find a balance between not giving up at the tail end of the process for the first film (and therefore doing myself an injustice) and being able to have a clean break to the next project.