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Keoma Vs. Mind-Numbing Web Hosting

For Christmas this year I used some Best Buy credit to buy Keoma on DVD (not in BB B&M stores, just online), and I finally got around to watching it.  It’s a late-genre surreal eurowestern, and it was great to see it on a projector, having only seen it on my small TV before.  This was one of the titles I watched just after we shot The Mustachioed Bandit, so it was too late to be influential, but I did catch “Django Kill, If You Live, Shoot!” in time, and it played no small part in influencing the more surreal tinges of the project.  Anyhow, Keoma’s not for everyone, especially with the bizarre narrative score that gets reinvented later in the not-so-great “Mannaja, A Man Called Blade,” but Google it and if you’re not scared away, check it out.

Otherwise I’ve been setting up Gallery2 on banditwestern.com, trying to get it to not look so lame.  It’s amazing to me how a program so popular can have such terrible defaults.  Anyhow, it’s looking better, and it will probably take a few more days just to upload all the pics I have.  This is reminding me what web design makes me so tired… it keeps me up until 6!